Into the Archives: 2003 Annual Meeting Program

In 2003, SSP held its 25th Annual Meeting, Navigating Change, May 28 through 30at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore in Baltimore, Md.

The preliminary program from the event is available here by clicking this link: 2003 Annual Meeting Preliminary Program.

Sessions at the meeting included “Designing for the Scent of Information”, “Now that We’re Online, Where is the ‘Value Added'”, and “The Great Debate: Be it resolved…that it is Time to Kill Print”.

The Annual Meeting was organized by the 2003 SSP Program Committee.  That Committee was chaired by Norman Frankel and Judy Luther

The challenge facing publishers and librarians today is how to deliver content to
their users in a world where the rules are changing faster than the content can be
converted to electronic form. The sessions planned for the 25th Annual Meeting
of the Society for Scholarly Publishing are designed to address the issues confronting
publishers and affecting libraries.

We invite you to join us to explore and discuss ways that enable you to meet your
users’ need for access to information within constricted budgets. The program
offers a blend of tools, experience and technology that will provide you with new
answers and with key questions, leaving you better equipped to deal with the
decisions on your desk today.

Come to Baltimore, May 28, 29, 30 to discover the future and learn from the past.

– Norman Frankel and Judy Luther, Co-Chairs

Other members of the Committee included: Ed Barnas, Lisande Bissonet, Amy Brand, Norma Brennan, Joan Comstock, Deb deBruijn, Eamon Fennessy, Susan Kesner, Christine Lamb, Michael Mabe, Audrey Melkin, Eric Newman, Rosamunda Neuharth-Ozgo, Joel Poznansky, Thomas Richardson, Theresa van Schaik, Bill Silberg, Lois Smith, and Graeme Whitley.

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