Throwback Photos: 2002 Top Management Roundtable

Can We Zoom? From Author to Reader in Several Dimensions was the topic of the 2002 SSP Top Management Roundtable held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, September 18-20, 2002.  Browse the gallery below and let us know in the comments if you spot any familiar faces.

Note: Photos have been provided courtesy of Ed Barnas, a past SSP president.  

The event was chaired by Barbara Meyers, who in an open letter to the SSP community described the event as follows:

Dear Colleagues:

The new publishing technologies are progressively and increasingly outpacing our ability to absorb and advance in a successful and directed fashion.  Thus, it is most appropriate to have the focus of the 2002 Top Management Roundtable be the topic of change. The format will not comprise passively received presentations of what havoc change has unleashed on the communications process, or what innovative approaches one group or another has tried in response. Rather it will flow in a series of dialogues facilitated by leaders from all dimensions of the communication process-author to reader.

Publishers and their colleagues in scholarly communications are in the process of creating a new mindset that is necessary when dealing with new electronic products and potential new markets before embarking on what appears to many as the only road into the future.  A road called ‘Change.’  We all need to travel with companions rather than make this a solitary journey.

When we began the Society for Scholarly Publishing in 1978, James Lufkin, then Editor of the Scientific Honeyweller-who was dubbed the ‘Godfather of SSP’-urged us to ‘look over each other’s walls.’  Jim’s words were prophetic because one of the major change strategies that successful members of the scholarly community have adopted is the art of alliances and partnerships with many different collaborators on the other side of many different walls. 

Here’s to sustaining this new mindset . . . the celebration of change . . . the ability to zoom!

Looking forward to seeing you in Philadelphia, I remain with best regards,

Barbara Meyers, Chair, 2002 SSP TMR
President, Meyers Consulting Services and Member, SSP Board of Directors  

Additional information about the original event can be found online via

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