SSP Founding Members Granted Lifetime Membership in honor of #SSPat40

After 40 years, SSP is still going strong after thanks in large part to efforts of the original Board of Directors. In recognition of their impact on the publishing industry, the Board members have been granted an Honorary SSP Lifetime Membership.

Name Role
Mark Carroll President
Anita DeVivo Director
E. K. (Woody) Gannett Director
Joseph Raben Director
John Strawhorn Director
Seldon Terrant Director
Richard Belknap Director
Fred Spilhaus Secretary-Treasurer
Judy Holoviak Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Elizabeth Fake Director
Barbara Meyers Ford Director
William Teare Director
Robert Day Vice President
J. G. Goellner Director
Brigitte (Huybrechts) Duces Director
H. E. Kennedy Director

This year’s SSP Annual Meeting explores scholarly publishing at the crossroads and asks what’s working, what’s holding us back, and where do we go from here? As we try to answer these questions, it’s important to remember the route we took to get here, and the drivers and navigators who got us this far. With a lifetime membership, we hope they will continue to contribute to these conversations for as long as possible.

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