A Brief History of SSP

The Professional Communication Society (PCS) was celebrating its own 40th anniversary in 1997 when an article detailing the history and formation of SSP was published in the July/August edition of the IEEE Professional Communication Society Newsletter. PCS noted at the time that its contributions to the formation of SSP, following a series of unusual PCS... Continue Reading →

View From a Leader: Ambition and Support

The following insight was shared from Kent Anderson. Anderson, CEO of RedLink, a startup devoted to helping librarians and publishers “see what they’re missing”. Anderson is the former editor-in-chief of The Scholarly Kitchen (as well as its founder), a former SSP Board member, and a past President of SSP. In 2011, he received the SSP’s Distinguished Service Award, the... Continue Reading →

Looking Back: People and Places – January 2002

When the SSP website first launched in 1999 a popular section was People and Places which recapped industry news and shared employment news for members of the community.  The original posts from the archived SSP website will be shared periodically, with contact information removed. People and Places January, 2002 The Sheridan Group, which is a supporting... Continue Reading →

Into the Archives: 2003 Annual Meeting Program

In 2003, SSP held its 25th Annual Meeting, Navigating Change, May 28 through 30at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore in Baltimore, Md. The preliminary program from the event is available here by clicking this link: 2003 Annual Meeting Preliminary Program. Sessions at the meeting included “Designing for the Scent of Information”, “Now that We're Online, Where is... Continue Reading →

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